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性:... guess.

heeey. 8D Looks like you stumbled across my LJ.
If you're looking for my art. Most likely you won't find it here. None of my writing either. XD Just ask me if you wanna know. Most of my journal isn't f-locked, so have fun stalking around it if you want... >.> though, I'd prefer if you'd just say hi and add me. but *shrugs*

A little about me... I love music. and I love art. One of my dreams is to become a Teacher. <333 GazettE holds a very special place in my heart <333 I hope and pray to see them live one day. I love love gyaru fashion, it's really my 'thing' lately~ *.* I love both Japanese music & Korean music. Other kinds too, but those are my fave. I love bands like BIGBANG and 2NE1, but GazettE will always remain my fave. <3 I'm really weird. XD but don't be afraid to IM me if you wanna talk 8D

hm... that's it really lol. XD <3


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I got hitched to my wonderful husband rei_cookie, my sweetie pie wife kotsurin, and new honey libertyguns
on marry_a_ljuser
woohoo! XD <3

all my homies <3

【 puslespill
 】 is my BESTFRIEND and it'll never change~

【 meronkorii
 】 is my BESTFRIEND and it'll never change~

shizuka_no_yume is


amazing, supahr cool,

smexy, wonderful,

orgasmic, awesome,

gorgeous, hawt,

illegal, adorable,


My ♥love♥ for 0h-my-juliet is out of this world.

♥ [Ruki] & [yumyumcherry] ♥
the World Starts with Us.

Just as addicting as the GazettE

When I kiss Ruki I taste the rainbow~

I kissed →{Reita}← And I liked it~

I climbed Mount [ Aoi ] and reached the peak.

No matter how bad the day's going.
Or If I look like a mess.
Will {still} treat me like a Princess.

, somewhere there's my precious only one
You're not all alone anymore hitori ja nai

Aoi is my sexy sexy lover and there's no other.

[Ruki] is my most favorite treat of all~

stay away from {Aoi} or else ill go NINJA BITCH on your ass

Uruha and I like to have tea parties~

I was stamped as Ruki in gaze_rating 8D woop xD

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by ny_a

And just remember one last thing...
8| lol credit to tbsupervillains xD~